Content marketing looks different for every business

Start with strategy.



Let’s take a look at your existing content! In the audit phase, we’ll assess which types of content are performing well and which are not. We’ll identify the areas where content could use a boost, such as an added outreach component or SEO optimization, and where content efforts are being wasted. We’ll also look holistically at the site to identify any key components that could be holding you back like your backlink profile or website architecture.


Next we’ll put together a high level strategy which will prioritize marketing efforts in order of importance. If there are any foundational issues, we’ll resolve them first. With budget in mind, we’ll determine which types of assets and how many we want to develop each month. This is when goals like traffic, links, and leads, will be assigned.

Assemble Deliverables map

In this phase, we’ll begin to put together an editorial calendar and begin our collaborative workflow. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting each month. No surprises! The deliverables map is typically completed two months in advance with assigned goals for each piece of content.